Much ado about nothing.

Thrifting to make my heart sing!

Few things are as sweet as a seriously killer thrifting find! Few. As I have gotten older I have found it harder to find that spectacular item at a great price at the commercial thrift stores. Goodwill now has the “Goodwill Boutique” which means that any high quality, high value, still tagged, amaze-ball items get pulled and priced WAY high and hung in the front of the store. I know that Red, White & Blue and Bridge House do the same. This kind of sucks. It sucks because for people who shop at Goodwill twenty dollars is a lot, even if the jeans are brand new and would ordinarily cost ninety dollars. For twenty dollars I can buy one of my daughters a whole new seasonal wardrobe. Basically it sets those things aside for the hipsters and the thrifters who are thrifting for the sake of the find – not need. I thrift for both reasons, and it still bothers me. A great find isn’t really a “find” if someone else found it, tagged it and hung it in the open. Just saying.

Still, every once in a while it works out. Usually because what I think is a GREAT find is overlooked by the people who pull for the boutique items.

How perfectly perfect? They were 5.99!!!
How perfectly perfect? They were 5.99!!!

Last time I thrifted with Evan I found some amazing shoes for her, she found mine this time! Karma!

Of course these shoes were everything, but I had so much fun because Ev found a wedding dress and we got to play for a while. My children were so not amused! lol


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