Much ado about nothing.

Goodbye, summer…

I know that we said goodbye to the summer some time ago, but down in the bayou it has still been sweltering. Our green trees are evergreen and, while the days have gotten suddenly shorter with the time change, the sun is still blazing in the sky! It’s a hard time, the holidays are firing at you but you just don’t feel like it’s November when you are struggling to breathe through the humid heat. This week, however, I was able to open the windows for a few hours TWO days in a row. There was a lovely chill to the mornings and it crept back around noon only to return in the evening and tuck us in.

Around here the holiday season is in competition with the fact that we are looking over the next year at a move and a change that seems but natural yet HUGE! lol I keep getting swept up in the fact that every time I look away from my girls they seem to leap into the next stage of life.

Seriously, we’ve been downsizing and cleaning to prepare the house and we just sold the kitchen. The simple wooden play kitchen that Lou ♥ got from Santa when she was four. The little pastel kitchen she passed to Mavis, darling! only a few years later. Yes, that kitchen. My girls young ladies and I sunned and hung out in the breeze and watched as a young family drove away with the kitchen of their little baby girl’s dreams.

Halloween came and went and the kids and I got a special TREAT – hehe, see what I did there? Halloween = trick or treat = special TREAT! lol Okay, here it is: for the first time in YEARS my wife was home for the trick or treating and we got to go as a family! It would have been nice anyway, but considering that this is probably our last time going in this neighborhood (if at all as the kids get older) it was extra special.

There is a lot going on around the house, a lot of art in my mind and a lot to be done. For now, I am starting Christmas gifts with the kids and looking to plan our next jewelry show. I also have a tone of writing rattling around my head – so I hope to see you guys more!


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