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Ah,the insanity!

on March 28, 2016

Darlings! My little blogging bunnies, you know how much I adore a good before and after don’t you? Of course you do! So, If I were to tell you that the entirety of 2016 thus far has been one big Pinterest-y makeover of my dwelling and yet I have NOT ONE set of before and after photos – If I told you that, would it help you understand how blown my mind is by everything going on??? Because, for sure, my mind is blown.

I sit here this morning with my coffee and my computer (not yet introduced to you) and the house is silent, and the world is calm and my brain is racing. I have been – thus far this year – always on edge. We have listed our home, our sweet abode, and have set out to find a new, sweeter abode. (Actually, just different. I love our home now. I love her grass and her spirit and everything. The time is here, however, that I have to realize this life isn’t life anymore. I am glad I came “home” after Katrina hit. I needed it, but now my whole family needs this and when I am honest with myself – I am glad to put this place behind me.)

We are looking in an area about an hour to an hour and a half away. I have my heart set on a place, but we have to sell ours first and I can only pray and trust God to deliver it for us. We will have land, space to grow and evolve and plant and raise. We will have chickens again – and at this point I think even complete strangers know how much I miss my chickens. Ducks, a cow, goats – an outdoor sanctuary and ART. So much art. It took a while to find myself, to make art from a happy place, to create a voice of worship with my art. Now, thankfully, I have that and I can’t wait to cover our little piece of heaven with art! (There WILL be before and after photos of that!)



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