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A garden full of snakes.

We took the kids to a science/rock show in Baton Rouge a few weeks ago. It was a well planned weekend that fell apart when we got stuck in traffic on the New Orleans high rise for HOURS – HOURS people!!!

Anyway, we hit that show with a hard plan to make sure that we got all things taken care of so that we didn’t miss a thing. I was desperate to do the craft – not knowing what it was – but that was the last thing planned because we prioritized the kids. Then we found out that it was painting a rock and, unhappy with drying times and the available mediums, we decided just to take our rocks and paint them later.

Later was postponed and postponed until the perfect opportunity set itself in front of us. Happily, that was Easter Sunday. We sat together that evening and painted our little rocks. We loved it. We will be doing more, clear coating them, and setting them in our next garden when God moves us where He will.

In case you wanted more, here is the small video I made about the trip:

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Life lately!

You guys I swear when I make plans it is as if NOTHING can line up. Then, when I just toss in the towel, it comes banging back together! lol Such is life lately:

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Summer Reading 2015!!!

summer reading (9) Yesterday I took the girls to the Library to sign up for the summer reading program for the second year. Last year this was so much fun, we got movie tickets and a list of fun “book based” activities. It really got the kids excited. This year as we drove there they were wondering what the movie wold be (if we got tickets) and what our activities would be. They are super stoked. We got tickets to Back To The Future – yeah, apparently this year is the 30th anniversary! WHAT? I know, let’s move on a pretend it isn’t happening!

Anywho-doodle, Mavis, darling! and I have both read Rosa Parks already, Lou ♥ is reading it tomorrow. I read Anne Frank and cried. Lou ♥ and I both started the unicorn book and I am about to read The Books of Elsewhere! Happy summer reading, I will keep you guys posted!

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Where have I been? (April 6th – 10th)

Sunday the fifth was officially my first day with no treatments and I was okay. I was still wrapping up my antibiotic and I was moving on. I decided to take part in The 100 Day Project – which I found on Instagram and was basically to be creative everyday for 100 days. I took this to mean working towards making things everyday. If it was the ground work or the finished product didn’t matter. I started the week with making an up-cycled journal.

Sadly by the time Wednesday rolled in I was pretty bad off once again and having to use my inhaler regularly (often with no relief.)

Being back on the inhaler meant that my hands were shaky and my sleep was awful. So I dug out a lot of odds and ends and decided to create jewelry from the gems I scored thrifting not too long ago. (I don’t think I told you guys about that because I was starting to get sick at that point in the testing week. I will have to try to find the pictures, it was a great thrift! Anyway – this is the first jewelry I have ever made!

On Thursday I got so sick I thought I may have to go to the E.R. and I was legit scared. Thankfully I was able to make it to Friday and scored an emergency appointment with my amazing doctor. I spent some time there – got a whole new round of treatments and medication to take (which I am currently on hence the up all night finally catching up the blog.)

Once again I found myself at a (ridiculously familiar place.)

The kids skip ALL parades except the Irish-Italian Islenos Parade each year. Last year it was rained out and this year they chose to roll anyway. The parade is literally right up the street so I had to let them go. I felt so bad, but it was worth how happy they were.

Also, this:

The car that has been broken for months and we finally had to put like 900 dollars into, it came back home and broke on the way home from church that first Sunday I got to go again! So my wife worked on it and she did a stellar job!
The car that has been broken for months and we finally had to put like 900 dollars into, it came back home and broke on the way home from church that first Sunday I got to go again! So my wife worked on it and she did a stellar job!


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Framliy, the family you pick.

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Christmas PJ Party 2014

I have the BEST framily. Seriously, if I ever am sad about my blood family I have to stop and remind myself that in my framily I have more than any one person could deserve. God blessed me.

This Saturday my Gipper invited us to come to her family’s annual PJ Christmas PJ party and the kids were thrilled. It was a blast and the children (the older who are “too cool” and the younger who are “too rambunctious”) all had a fantastic time! Gipper planned a Christmas decor scavenger hunt during which we split the children into teams and took them to look for the decor on the list! lol

My team:

We were off to a freaking A+ start and then we hit the snags – gingerbread man and a decorated car! What? We ran back and forth for the better part of our 30 minute time allotment looking for those two things. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Then, in the last five minutes as we look into the yard you literally start at a flipping gingerbread man jumps out of the gifts! What? However, it was as we walked back to the meeting point all awash in the failure of finding a decorated car that a car started down the street. My brain was slow to calculate the meaning of the reindeer antlers and then BOOM! Next thing you know I am jumping out asking them to stop for a picture! lol Our most prized findings:

The other team:

After the hunt (which we won, but were polite enough to call a tie) the kids all crafted until they couldn’t stand it! The movie was put on, but only Mavis, darling! actually sat to watch it. Everyone else was visiting and being too loud for the poor kiddo to hear I’m sure!

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Confession of a home schooling mother:

confession (3)
This is what my kitchen looks like right now.

(Warning: confessions seem to be a normal-ish occurrence around these parts. In the past I have given them a bunch of different names, but here and now I am declaring that we will have a reoccurring article from time to time in which I let it all hang out!)

I live an honest and authentic life, a clear (yet often dirty) window into the life of a happily married, home schooling femme lesbian who is walking her best Jesus path and battling chronic pain daily. Through my blogging I have taken many journeys – fantasy, young love, poetry, weight loss… When I came here I just wanted to put it all out there real and raw – I believe that living openly helps all people. Being a Christian who preaches vs. being a Christian whose life speaks for itself…

Wasn’t long until I realized that living and authentic life meant airing a lot of ugly, less than flattering, Oh My Gosh moments out in the “public” of the Internet. Here it is again, a day where I look around and think, “How? How did I get to this point?!” lol

There it is, and at one point in my life I would let it get me angry at myself, disappointed and feeling guilty that I am behind. These days, however, I choose to focus on what I have gotten done! In addition to teaching all day:

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GPWC Family Game Night

Last Friday was our church’s first Family Game Night and it was really nice. Raising well mannered kids is a tricky thing. On the one had you want your children to respect others, to be polite and wait their turn, but often in today’s world the child who waits their turn for the swings winds up getting bumped again and again. It’s not just kids, either. Parents will push their kids to the front of the line, or allow their children to act bananas. I mention that because it makes days and evenings spent with the children at church even nicer. To be surrounded by parents who are all working on raising the best little people and who have common goals for their children is a lovely feeling. Knowing that the kids are  in a safe environment where they can just have fun enables me to relax and have fun as well.