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A garden full of snakes.

We took the kids to a science/rock show in Baton Rouge a few weeks ago. It was a well planned weekend that fell apart when we got stuck in traffic on the New Orleans high rise for HOURS – HOURS people!!!

Anyway, we hit that show with a hard plan to make sure that we got all things taken care of so that we didn’t miss a thing. I was desperate to do the craft – not knowing what it was – but that was the last thing planned because we prioritized the kids. Then we found out that it was painting a rock and, unhappy with drying times and the available mediums, we decided just to take our rocks and paint them later.

Later was postponed and postponed until the perfect opportunity set itself in front of us. Happily, that was Easter Sunday. We sat together that evening and painted our little rocks. We loved it. We will be doing more, clear coating them, and setting them in our next garden when God moves us where He will.

In case you wanted more, here is the small video I made about the trip:

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Halloween DIY

A few years ago, sheesh, actually it was like SIX years ago – anyway – my oldest daughter wanted to go to career day as a veterinarian. We went to the local costume shop and bought her a set of scrubs, fixed her up all animal-like and I sent her off to school. Poor thing, when I picked the girls up that afternoon her costume has ripped and she was embarrassed and sad. The next year when it was “Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character” she was NOT having a store bought costume, she actually didn’t want to dress up at all. I took the kids thrifting (they LOVE thrifting) and we started picking out clothes we could use for her character. I sewed an apron and a hankie head covering – the whole time telling her if she didn’t feel it would stay put she didn’t have to wear it. At the end of the sewing session she was THRILLED to wear her costume and that felt great, but what felt better was her happy face when I picked her up. Everyone had loved her costume, and it had stayed together. Lou ♥ was beaming! That Halloween she asked me if I could make her costume, it was a Pokemon trainer. Again, it was a hit.

Now, let me say that these costumes did NOT include pattern making or big hitting sewing skills. They were easy, cut and paint, fun costumes and the kids loved them. It kind of became a thing to make/embellish their costumes after that. Mavis, darling! has always been my make-up  and face paint baby, unafraid to let me fancy her up for an occasion!  She’s been a flapper and a spider to name a few, generally with store bought costume elements and a face full of paint! Last year she was a butterfly with a fantastic face paint and store wings. This year Lou ♥ is going as a Tails fox (fox with two tails) and Mavis, darling! will be a mouse. I just drew up their designs and I can’t wait to get into the making!

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Welcome to the first day of school!

I can’t believe that this is our fourth year of home schooling. I feel happy and sad at the sad time. Sad because my amazing babies are literally half way through schooling!

I am thrilled to have this time with them, thrilled with the people and students they have become. I am so excited and happy to foster their love of art and reading and creative thinking. God has blessed me beyond all thought, and He continues to do so!

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Fizz! Boom! Read! Summer Reading wrap-up 2014

11th july 14 library (3)

After weeks of our library looking like this – so full and crazy – the summer reading program is wrapping up. This won’t end all the traffic jams and long lines, but it will help. We are so spoiled, having it to ourselves throughout the year. lol

To be honest my girls are readers, so it’s not like we had to PUSH to get these things done. Still it was fun for them to feel engaged in a new way and to be rewarded for good behavior and habits.

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Happy Birthday, Mavis, darling!

My baby girl breaks all the "norms" when you think of girl vs. tomboy - she wears boy clothes, loves to climb, is rough and tumble - her room is painted pink, she adores Lego Friends and Disney Princess movies/dolls.

My baby girl breaks all the “norms” when you think of girl vs. tomboy – she wears boy clothes, loves to climb, is rough and tumble – her room is painted pink, she adores Lego Friends and Disney Princess movies/dolls. This cake is going to blow her mind, she has NO IDEA that when she cuts into her pink glitter cake she is going to find camo! lol

My wife is on a plane this morning and my tummy is a little twisted with that knowledge. She is flying to Nashville for a work meeting and will be flying back tonight – just in time to celebrate my beautiful Mavis, darling!’s tenth birthday with the family. Ten, our youngest daughter is ten. My heart flutters when I write it and my eyes tear up a bit. I’m not sad for her, I am happy for her. She has become one of the coolest little people I know. She has a sense of humor that is distinctly her mother’s, handed down from her Paw-Paw Chris. She has a sense of style that is absolutely her own, pulled from the skater shirts and cargo shorts of Goodwill and Walmart with a twist of glitter tennis shoes. I love her and I am thrilled to be her parent, she is one of God’s biggest blessings in my life.

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Mommy daughter date day!

Friday my wife got a lovely surprise, she had the day off. Having already gotten overtime by Thursday night we were able to enjoy our day. It started with a plan to hang out, but evolved into a day of fun and special one on one time. Mommy daughter date day! Lou ♥ is particularly sensitive to the amount of time my wife works, asking frequently when she will be home, if whatever we have planned with be the ENTIRE family, watching the clock or counting the days waiting for her to come home. So Friday my wife took Lou ♥ to got thrifting (it’s a passion they share) and to eat BBQ. Mavis, darling! and I were going to simply hang out, but we decided we should have some out and about fun as well! We went to a new local restaurant, Crave, and then to the pet store up the street. We took our time and had a great day.

After everyone was home again we watched The Lego Movie all four of us while we munched on movie candies and laughed our mind away!

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House Tetris!

Shift, flip, move three to the right – drop! Flip, flip, flip – dang! Other direction, flip, shift – drop! You know the game. That’s what I have been doing for days now, and today it reached the kid’s rooms. They are not thrilled to do the deep clean, but they are excited about the moving and rearranging of furniture. Mavis, darling! is getting Lou ♥’s bed, full size futon. Lou ♥ is getting our old bed, full size. (We are upgrading to a queen – you know, for the dogs to be more comfortable.) lol

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Valentine’s Day 2014

valentines day 2014 (14)My wife and I had talked about Valentine’s Day plans almost a month ago, deciding to take the family to dinner and make that the focus of the whole day. I made a reservation at our favorite parish restaurant and we went about our lives. I guess like so many things having kids changed Valentine’s Day for me, it’s about them and family and love. Maybe in the future it will be a romantic night, but honestly we (my wife and I) find it so wonderful, romantic and lovely, to be with our children. They are truly amazing people and watching them change into these young ladies has been such a blessing.

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At some point you realize that your family is not the people you were born to, your family is made up of the people who love you, who think of you, who want you to be the best you and are not threatened by your growth, evolution or success! At that point in life you think, “What am I doing?” It’s the holidays and if people make you wish you were spending them alone, then you shouldn’t be spending them with those people – even if they share your DNA.

This Thanksgiving I struggled with the decision not to spend it with family. I chose instead to spend it with friends from church. We had a beautiful day!

I had a blast getting my dishes together!

The boys really did an amazing job with food and decor!!!

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Old Arabi Eats, family dinner night!

Last Friday night my wife and I were getting ready to go to dinner. From time to time we will grab a quick meal without the children and that was the plan. I really wanted them to come, however. I asked if they wanted to come and try to find something to eat or have us pick them up Subway to eat there. They opted to look for something. Lucky for us a burger and fries is pretty much on every menu down here and they loved them!

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