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Changing my MIND.

We girls, we reserve the right to change our mind – and then change them back. lol That is not what this post is about. This post is about changing my mind’s reality – redefining things that were defined for me before myself or my mother or my great-great-great grandmother existed.


Yep. It’s me, returning to a blogging past of FOOD. I mean, I had a whole blog based on what I would/would not, did/did not eat. Food. Food is a cultural, religious, emotional, life staple and, for me, it is my drug. I am a food addict. I am very careful about saying that. I want to speak life over myself, speak freedom, and love and light – so, I will say I am a food addict on the road of recovery. I flipped back and forth between not want to say that I was an addict, but in the end – this is the right choice for me. Using my God to deny this in the form of not claiming it did not help me stay sober, in fact it allowed me to pretend I was not in need of sobriety anymore. Twisted, I know, but I am an addict. We twist.

On and off as I have struggled to reach and maintain sobriety I have visited the idea of abstaining from food. I visit this idea and then declare that it is impossible, because it is. I then look for ways to get as close as possible. Shakes? Juices?

Perhaps, though, reaching sobriety will be a blend of redefining both sobriety and food. So, I am going to be going on an ALL Soylent diet for seven days. I ordered the Soylent powder 1.5 yesterday and I think that as soon as it comes I will mix it and start the next day. As a disclaimer I do have a race scheduled for the 30th and I will be getting a medium Green Tea Tango with strawberries afterwards.

The plan right now is evolving BUT instead of making a little notebook I am going to live it out right here and one YouTube. I will tweak and change and thing and move in a transparent way that will hopefully help me and anyone who logs onto the interweb some day looking for help in an impossible feeling situation.


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Life lately!

You guys I swear when I make plans it is as if NOTHING can line up. Then, when I just toss in the towel, it comes banging back together! lol Such is life lately:

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Good Eggs – the last two weeks.

I know, guys, I know… I am so behind and the truth is LIFE IS HAPPENING. I mean, chances are nothing crazy. As I write this (it will publish Thursday and it’s currently Monday at 4:21 AM) I am – sick (you guessed it) and hopped up on meds and unable to sleep. This week we will do a bit of school, we have some end of the year projects to work on. I will create as part of my #the100dayproject and I will post it all up on Friday to at least try to keep up. Here are the deliveries and a few things I cooked. Can you tell that I LOVE breakfast with fresh berries? lol

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2015: Here we go! February official challenge!

SO excited! This new healthy challenge is another simple one that I know, but I still need to work on! Sometimes I am on, others I miss the mark! If you don’t feel like this is a challenge then by all mean, make it harder! Some ides: five different colored veggies a day, five new veggies a week, five RAW or FRESH only!Food Tracker for fruit and veggies

This is what the rest of my month has going on:

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Today’s Gourmet: Fingerling pancakes!

If I am honest here I tell you that I just have not been good. Pain levels are up, anxiety is up, fatigue is blanketing my life. I feel exhausted the moment the day starts. Stress is a factor and so is the fact that this is my moon time. (Think about it.) Add that to the fact that the last week’s delivery left me feeling overwhelmed (there was so much because we were still trying to compare farm boxes) and icked out (because one of the bundles of greens was completely infested with grubs) and you got a girl who just wasn’t in the mood to cook! Now, I do want to say in my unnecessary defense that even when I am so over cooking and moving and everything I still cook at least five meals a day – three for the girls and breakfast and dinner for my wife! That can make me even less creative or likely to do it for myself!

Yesterday I woke up feeling awful again, after feeling slightly better the day before I thought, “No! You get up and you stick to your plan!” So I rolled around the kitchen and I decided to cook! Once I got over the ‘I just want to sleep’s I was glad to be doing it. I even took out my camera and decided to make it a blog post! I am sure there are a thousand ways to make potato pancakes, I skipped looking any up and went my own way.

Fingerling pancakes with arugula/red pepper scrambled egg whites.
Fingerling pancakes with arugula/red pepper scrambled egg whites.

If you want to play along you will need five ounces of potatoes (fingerling for today’s exact dish but I will totes be playing with a sweet recipe and sweet potatoes,) one thin green onion, one large egg white, salt and pepper. Of course all of this is “to taste” so really you can add or skip anything you want!

Look, because we are so close on that level I will share this as well:

The aftermath of my cooking! This - this - is why I just can't sometimes, because then I have to clean it as well! lol Having a straightened kitchen helps make the clean up easier and that is where I am now. I leave it, enjoy my meal warm and the promptly sort it all away!
The aftermath of my cooking! This – this – is why I just can’t sometimes, because then I have to clean it as well! lol Having a straightened kitchen helps make the clean up easier and that is where I am now. I leave it, enjoy my meal warm and then promptly sort it all away!
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Taking back my life – wk 3 review:

Nothing beats working out with my wife!
Nothing beats working out with my wife!

This last week, man, I just can’t even begin to express this last week. Legit, I have felt better than I could have imagined the last few weeks. Told my wife I was closer to well that I have been since getting sick that original cold that took me out a year ago. Now, I have some sad news. Let’s review the week:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; easy run
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; 15 minutes of hard core Total Gym
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; running splits – 30 minutes
  • Friday – Rest arms; 5K run at Laf park
  • Saturday – 30D ARMS; 5K run with my wife
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS

You may notice that on Tuesday my workout was NOT Zumba, no I was just feeling awful and so exhausted that I made the choice to do what I could on the Total Gym as long as I could. However, looking back that wasn’t the smart move. I should have just relaxed because I wound up having to anyway  the next day. This week also brought a new problem to light, one I have been feeling creep up through the weeks. My toe pain is not from shoes or running – it is directly connected to my hip pain and it is incredible! I think it’s called sciatica and there are a thousand reasons it can happen. I am thinking, hoping and praying mine is simple muscle not back or injury. The biggest thing is resting it, so no Zumba or running or any other impact type workouts. Walking, lots of it…

Food was not good, but not bad. I am still sweets free, no trash or candy or cookies. Though, my calories were higher this week than planned. I lost 1.6 for a total loss of 5.2 – thank God!

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Taking my life back – wk 2 review:

This last week was good, but rough. As I walk this road back to health I have to remember to roll with it, and I feel like this week has really been a test to my willingness to roll with it. lol This was my workout schedule:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; card workout (indoor due to rain)
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS; run, Zumba cardio and repeat four times
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; workout with wife
  • Friday – Rest arms; 14K bike ride
  • Saturday – 30D ARMS; 4.11K run
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS; no official workout (grocery shopping)

I kept my food at or under 1,200 net calories and again managed to avoid sugary sweets and fried/bad food. I weighed in 1.6 pounds less than last week which puts me at an official 3.6 pounds lost for two weeks.